Pinhole photography work “Jimen Smoke Tree” print of light large-format pinhole (red mirror) samples

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Playing pinhole photography is a very simple matter, with simple structure and easy operation. No need to focus, no need to entangle the depth. Turn the tedious large-format photography into a few simple steps and quickly complete the shooting.

A friend said that pinhole photography is really easy to learn, similar to cyanotype printing, yes, just like cyanotype printing, easy to use. . .


Pinhole photography is always troubled by the overexposure of the sky. The original design of the large-format pinhole shutter of Light Printing did not consider the problem of filters. Just because I seldom used filters before, but because the exposure of the central area of pinhole photography is higher than that of the edge, it is not easy to get the color of the sky.

So I found two 16mm red filters and yellow filters on the Internet. The size is just right to fit into the rear slot of the lens plate, which is a perfect solution. So I have a filter version of the light print pinhole shutter.

The samples were taken in Yuandadu Relics Park, and the red mirror needs to add 3 stops of exposure, so it is still somewhat underexposed. After scanning, I pulled the color scale or pulled it back a little.


The appearance of the large-format pinhole shutter of the brass version of the photoprint of light with a red filter is not recommended here. The exposure time is too long, and the film can no longer bear it.

About Light Printing Large Format Pinhole Shutter

The original intention was that I couldn’t buy a pinhole camera that satisfied me. There were few 4X5 large-format pinhole cameras on the market. There were cheap ones and expensive ones. I bought them all. , but all kinds of dissatisfaction (some imaging is very good, but too simple, and some look cool, expensive, but the quality control is not stable imaging problems), all lack the kind of exquisiteness that I want. So I started to make this large-format pinhole shutter first. From the beginning to the landing of the sample, it took a whole month and I learned a lot of new knowledge. But finally I have a large format pinhole shutter that I like.

Because the design draft has been made into 58 versions, it is named do58 as the English name, and the Chinese name is tentatively designated as “Light Printing”.

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