“The Realm of Pinholes” Prints of Light (do58.com) Large-format Pinhole Lens Samples

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The large-format pinhole photography photos taken in Suyuan, Lize and Nanyuan Park of Friendship Hotel, through the latest version of “Print of Light” large-format pinhole lens, I shot a group of pinhole lens film works. This version of the pinhole lens not only improves the clarity of the picture and the smoothness of the structure, but also improves the matting and round hole process of the pinhole lens. I am basically satisfied with the picture clarity.

The shooting of pinhole film photography works has a unique sense of atmosphere. By means of large-format pinhole photography, the scenery is rendered as a soft and powerful image.

About Light Printing Large Format Pinhole Shutter

The original intention was that I couldn’t buy a pinhole camera that satisfied me. There were few 4X5 large-format pinhole cameras on the market. There were cheap ones and expensive ones. I bought them all. , but all kinds of dissatisfaction (some imaging is very good, but too simple, and some look cool, expensive, but the quality control is not stable imaging problems), all lack the kind of exquisiteness that I want. So I started to make this large-format pinhole shutter first. From the beginning to the landing of the sample, it took a whole month and I learned a lot of new knowledge. But finally I have a large format pinhole shutter that I like.

Because the design draft has been made into 58 versions, it is named do58 as the English name, and the Chinese name is tentatively designated as “Light Printing”.

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